Registering your Metaverse Real Estate Purchase.

Why should I register my metaverse real estate purchase?

Because metaverse real estate is still a fairly new concept, there is little protection from fraud. No regulatory body as yet oversees this market, and your purchasing agent is but one of many purchasing agents. NFT registrations exist but are not independent of sales of actual metaverse real estate properties. Metaverse real estate purchases will not be registered as NFTs. Furthermore, as competing businesses, these purchasing agents do not share information with one another. Therefore, registration through an unaffiliated, independent office provides important documentation.

Please note that registration does not constitute full protection from faulty claims of ownership, as others can claim prior purchase of the same property without registration. But with registration through an independent source, it becomes much harder for those who wish to steal your property to lie—You will have documentation about when your property was purchased, and your accusers will not. Registration through our offices provides you not only with that date of purchase, but also the stamp of authority of our office that may eventually resolve any future disputes in your favor.

Once you have uploaded your proof of ownership and paid the registration fee (US $99.00), a certificate of registration from our office will be emailed to you at the email address you provide us with. Please note that there is no discount for registering multiple properties. Registering multiple properties may also require longer wait times. However, your proof is secured through your purchase/registration date, and not by the date your certificate arrives.

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